• What is a Venture Studio

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    What is a Venture Studio

    The keys to a successful studio can be drilled down to three factors: (1) unique theme and/or industry expertise, (2) proprietary value-add service platform, and (3) effective hands-on involvement at the earliest stage.

    1. Unique Expertise
      The Bailiwick Venture studio’s team brings extensive experience in the restaurant sector, so we are hyper-focused on Restaurant technology.  
    2. Service Platform
      Because we are domain experts, we are able to leverage our broad network of collaborators, influencers and restaurant operators including potential future founders, early-stage hires, advisors with deep industry expertise, and early adopter restaurants.
    3. Hands-on Impact
      The impact of expert assistance cannot be understated in a pre-product startup, especially for first-time founders. Seemingly trivial decisions such as co-founder equity splits or incorrectly assessing the fairness of a term sheet can cripple a business in the long-run.

    Provided at the earliest stage these three value-adds de-risk startups, we help founders avoid common pitfalls, and give your startup a great opportunity to set a strong foundation for a successful business.


    We connect and engage with you like no other venture accelerator or Studio can. With 40 years of investment, operations and startup expertise, born in Silicon Valley, with domains in Dallas, San Franciso and London, we have a unique perspective and current industry pulse.


    In exchange for these services, Bailiwick Venture Studios will take significant equity stakes (typically ranging between 25%-60%), reflecting our role as business concept originator or co-founder, while also ensuring that the Founder incentives are aligned correctly.

    Value Proposition

    The venture studio model serve as a co-founder for entrepreneurs and provide critical services, advice, and expertise to guide them toward building a successful scalable business at the earliest stages. We bring a greater hands-on approach and a suite of early-stage services (MVP creation, beta testing, design, HR, sales, product development, customer and product validation, etc.) so that founders can focus more of their time and energy toward building their business. This represents a natural evolution of the early stage ecosystem, one that is increasingly enabling entrepreneurship and encouraging greater diversity.

    Company Creating + Venture Funding

    We are entrepreneurs, investors and company creators with a growing portfolio of forward thinking RestTech software companies; 100% focused on helping restaurants embrace powerful modern technologies to remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.


    Additionally, Bailiwick Venture Studios assists foodservice industry corporations become early-stage investors in the next generation of foodservice innovators, connecting them to what's next and allowing early access. This co-operative partnership stimulates problem solving with a ready set of clients. Our successful RestTech companies are well positioned to power the new and evolving foodservice industry.

    Powerful Supportive Web Assets

    Because we are focused exclusively on the global restaurant and hospitality industries, we create natural synergy. Moreover, our ResTech and Restaurant centric digital marketing assets are here to support and promote. These include the largest Slack community, one of the largest LinkedIn Groups, and INFOH.com, a RestTech newsletter for operators and industry influencers.

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