• Fractional Commitments

    Remote | On-site as required

    Corporate Finance

    Elevate your financial strategy with our comprehensive corporate finance planning and investment banking services. From strategic planning to capital structuring, cap table/equity management, restructurings, re-capitalizations and investment advisory, we provide tailored solutions to optimize your company's performance and capitalization requirements. Trust our expertise to navigate corporate finance complexities, advise on funding, and drive sustainable growth in today's dynamic market environment. Bailiwick Ventures is not a broker dealer.

    • FinTech | Entertainment | Retail | Restaurant | Food & Beverage | Technology
    • Minimum 6 month engagements

    Corporate Development

    Leverage our experience from completing over 250 client assignments to empower your company's growth with our corporate development expertise. We collaborate with leadership to tailor custom strategies with innovative solutions to enable businesses to navigate markets, optimize operations, establish partnerships, and capitalize on valuable opportunities, and foster valuable relationships. Our clients trust our proven track record to enhance capabilities and drive sustainable success in today's competitive landscape.

    • FinTech | Entertainment | Retail | Restaurant | Food & Beverage | Technology
    • Minimum 6 month engagements

    Strategic Advisory

    We leverage more than 40 years of business experience in a wide array of sectors to advise startup, emerging and extablished enterprises to transform their business vision into reality with our strategic advisory services. From market analysis to growth strategies and organizational optimization. Our clients trust our expertise to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, make valuable connections and drive sustainable success in today's ever-evolving business landscape.

    • FinTech | Entertainment | Retail | Restaurant | Food & Beverage | Technology
    • Minimum 6 month engagements
    • Day rate - Under special circumstances

    Why Fractional Engagements

    Value Proposition of Engaging a Fractional Executive

    Engaging a fractional executive provides early-stage companies with access to high-level expertise and strategic guidance on a part-time basis, tailored to their specific needs and budget constraints. This approach allows startups to benefit from seasoned leadership without the financial burden of hiring full-time executives. Fractional executives bring a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and a fresh perspective, helping companies navigate growth challenges, optimize operations, and achieve their strategic goals more efficiently.


    Five Reasons Why This Makes Sense for Early-Stage Companies

    1. Cost Efficiency

    Fractional executives offer a cost-effective solution, providing high-level expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive. This allows startups to allocate resources more effectively across other critical areas of the business.


    2. Access to Expertise

    Early-stage companies gain access to seasoned professionals with specialized knowledge and a proven track record in their industry. This expertise can accelerate growth, improve decision-making, and enhance overall business performance.


    3. Flexibility and Scalability

    Fractional executives offer flexible engagement models, allowing startups to scale their involvement up or down based on the company's needs and growth stages. This adaptability ensures that companies receive the right level of support when they need it most.


    4. Strategic Focus

    Engaging a fractional executive enables founders and core team members to focus on their strengths and core business activities. The fractional executive can handle strategic planning, financial management, and other critical functions, ensuring the company stays on track to achieve its long-term objectives.


    5. Rapid Implementation

    Fractional executives can quickly assess the company's situation, identify key challenges, and implement effective solutions. This rapid onboarding and execution help early-stage companies to swiftly address issues and capitalize on opportunities, driving faster growth and development.