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    Global Opportunity

    The $3 trillion global restaurant industry is massively relevant and vital to all economies. In the U.S. alone, over 1 million restaurants will generate more than $863 billion in sales and employ 14+ million employees in 2019. Restaurants are on the hunt for fresh ideas and new channels to improve sales and maintain margins. They must discover new sales channels and leverage new technologies.


    But this is only part of the story. The broader foodservice industry employs more than 20 million and combined, has a total economic impact of $1.9 trillion. That's 5% of the U.S. GDP! Foodservice has a huge impact on our daily loves and is being re-invented right before our eyes.


    Even more impressive is the transformative effects restaurant tech is having on the industry globally, both B2C and B2B. Investors have sunk over $20 billion in restaurant technology startups in the last 10 years and ecosystem of cloud solutions can be confusing.


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    We invent, create, develop and invest

    Restaurant Technology News

    FohBoh means Front of House, Back of House so we cover a lot of ground. But, we also know that technology is transforming the restaurant industry and this touches all FOH+BOH systems and persons and that's our bailiwick. So, our news and information agency inFOH, delivers a daily newsletter about restaurant technology to tens of thousands of industry professionals in 130 countries.

    Conversational Commerce

    Orderscape is determined to own the restaurant AI category for restaurant conversational commerce, food-centric search, Voice KPI's, guest engagement and automating legacy processes for FOH + BOH operations.

    Voice-enabled Restaurant Management Software

    StarBar.ai voice-enables legacy restaurant management processes to save time and money. Beginning with VoiceINV™, operators at every restaurants, hotel, casino, bar and pub worldwide will be able to use the patent pending StarBar voice inventory and order automation software. This reduces the time it takes to complete a bar inventory by 80%. Future voice-inventory modules will include food and products.

  • About Us

    Experience and Perspective


    Our leadership team has broad reach to industry affiliates, business colleagues, restaurant leadership, and influencers, affiliates, dealers and media relationships. We bring decades of relevant experience to our investing partners and portfolio companies. We bring operations, culinary, development and corporate finance expertise. We have held BOH and FOH unit-level and C-level positions at regional and national chains. We are food and restaurant tech entrepreneurs and social media pioneers.


    We are practitioners and thought-leaders and with an operators' perspective. We are passionate about the restaurant industry and excited about how enabling technologies are transforming our industry every day. Technology helps create operational efficiencies leading to profitability and that make operators more competitive and relevant.


    We have unique access to opportunities because we have been actively engaged as operators, digital media and Internet entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, financiers, food and restaurant technology sales and social media marketers for decades. We think automation is the new key to success in the broader foodservice industry. We have transaction experience as investment banker and entrepreneur. We live and work at the intersection of restaurant and technology working with clients and partners around the globe.


    We are experienced entrepreneurs in food and beverage, restaurants, retail and Internet technology. We have an operator's perspective with vision and access to key resources required to execute on our plans. We invest, create and operate.

    Strategic Advisors

    We are consultants to restaurant technology companies, restaurant brands and investors via RestTech.co, our sister strategic advisory company.

  • Founder | CEO

    Practitioner and Entrepreneur


    Investor, Restaurateur and Technology Entrepreneur

    Serial Investor, speaker and restaurant technology multi-hyphenate living in San Jose, California. LinkedIn | Biography | Speaking 


    Restaurant and technology industry executives & investors

    Many of our partners sit on boards as advisors or directors. These accomplished restaurant and technology industry veterans are executives, investors, advisors, developers, entrepreneurs and key influencers that help us evaluate investment and business opportunities, provide insight and accelerate our success.


    Together, this small cohort of talented industry professionals and visionaries are providing leadership to aid the reinvention the restaurant business for a modern customer and complex landscape.

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