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    FohBoh means Front of House, Back of House so we cover a lot of ground. But, we also know that technology is transforming the restaurant industry and this touches all FOH+BOH systems and persons and that's our bailiwick. So, our news and information agency inFOH, delivers a daily newsletter about restaurant technology to tens of thousands of industry professionals in 130 countries.

    Conversational Commerce

    Orderscape is determined to own the restaurant AI category for restaurant conversational commerce, food-centric search, Voice KPI's, guest engagement and automating legacy processes for FOH + BOH operations.

    Fried Chicken Sandwiches by Food-maker Robots

    Reinventing QSR with a autonomous restaurant-in-a-box robot concept for on-demand food. Rooster's doesn't need a restaurant facility; just 100 sq. ft. and electricity for its self-contained robot to make and deliver fresh, hot gourmet fried chicken sandwiches on demand. This will change how consumers order food and enjoy chicken. Look for updates in early 2019 with a projected launch in early 2020. Pioneering cool stuff does take time!

    Kokomo Brands

    Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love's Kokomo lifestyle brand

    Kokomo conveys a lifestyle and spirit conveyed by the hit song by The Beach Boys' lead singer, Mike Love. Kokomo Brands, LLC will bring the spirit of Kokomo to life beginning in 2019 with its ready-to-drink Caribbean rum-based cocktails.

    Truthful ingredients. Healthy skin.

    TuLips Concoctions is a startup skincare brand featuring natural, honest ingredients producing creams, lotions, moisturizers, lip balms and bath products.

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    Serial Investor, speaker and restaurant technology multi-hyphenate living in San Jose, California. LinkedIn | Biography | Speaking

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    Many of our partners sit on boards as advisors or directors. These accomplished restaurant and technology industry veterans are executives, investors, advisors, developers, entrepreneurs and key influencers that help us evaluate investment and business opportunities, provide insight and accelerate our success.


    Together, this small cohort of talented industry professionals and visionaries are providing leadership to aid the reinvention the restaurant business for a modern customer and complex landscape.

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