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    The Second Wave of Innovation

    Global Opportunity

    The $3 trillion global restaurant industry is massively relevant and vital to all economies. In the U.S. alone, over 1 million restaurants will generate more than $800 billion in sales and employed 14+ million employees in 2017. But, the $800 billion US restaurant industry may also be in recession. It needs growth to survive. Restaurants are on the hunt for fresh ideas and new channels to improve sales and maintain margins. They must discover new sales channels and leverage new technologies.


    But this is only part of the story. The broader foodservice industry employs more than 20 million and combined, has a total economic impact of $1.7 trillion. That's 4% of the U.S. GDP!


    Even more impressive is the transformative effects restaurant tech is having on the industry globally, both B2C and B2B. Investors have sunk over $20 billion in restaurant technology startups in the last 8 years and ecosystem of cloud solutions can be confusing. Here is the opportunity to create, innovate with affect change.


  • Food Tech

    Investment Focus | Forces of Change


    Technologies unification

    As more operators turn to tech to improve their performance, it’s easy to get carried away with the many applications and softwares that will end up complicating the process. Technologies unification involves integrating cloud APIs to deliver simplified functionalities that allow operators to track their restaurant’s progress in real-time. Real-time tracking enables operators to constantly identify where and why sales are behaving the way they are, and to act on it accordingly. Visual tools such as dashboards allows this collected data to be readily accessible to operators, key stakeholders and even staff. This democratization of information leads to greater awareness and understanding of the business.


    Conversational interfaces

    We also set our sights on the human interface and conversational commerce. This means using voice and text chatbots to enable consumers to order food, manage guest services, make reservations, manage guest satisfaction and engage interactively where billions of people are online already. The use of chatbots can also extend to B2B applications where operators from different verticals are able to order from other vendors. This accelerated ease of using voicebots, chatbots on messenger platforms like Facebook, Kik, Whatsapp, WeChat and Slack are permeating the industry as operators seek more efficient ways to quell the growing demands of their guests.


    Improved communication and accessible education

    F&B operators are increasingly aware of the importance of bridging gaps in communication between staff and consumers, as well as widening access to information that will inform them of better decisions to improve their service and business. Access to education will allow companies to understand their consumer better and allow them to decide how best to engage them. This means businesses can stay ahead of their consumers and anticipate their needs and wants — and anticipation is crucial in creating memorable guest experiences.


    Automation - Food-maker robotics

    The labor pool remains competitive and continues to shrink, the restaurant industry is particularly challenged to hire, train and retain quality and affordable FOH and BOH staff. Operators are no longer in control of their labor costs with state mandates for minimum wages increases and healthcare benefits. With thin margins, naturally, restaurant concepts must evolve in these changing and challenging times. Enter the food-maker robots that make and serve hamburgers, yogurt, pizza another food categories, just to start. We see low cost, high potential ROI's for entrepreneurs and existing operators and landlords. Food-maker robots and robot vending will affect how we conveniently consume fast food and snacks with no human interaction.

  • Restaurant Industry

    Food & Beverage and Brand Development


    With over 40 years of experience in all facets of the foodservice industry, Bailiwick Ventures is an active brand marketer developer and financier. We work with restaurateurs, developers and entrepreneurs in the U.S. and the U.K.

    Concept Development

    We invent, refine and re-define restaurants and consumer brands targeting the broader foodservice industry. We leverage our experience as operators, entrepreneurs and advisors to brands and rich connections to influencers to execute vision.

    Corporate Development

    As investment bankers with hundreds of transactions, assignments and projects behind us, we bring everything we know and everyone we know to each project, partnership and assignment.

    Broad Experience

    We have experience in technology, entertainment, retail, food, beverage, robotics, media, film, sports, fitness, restaurants and hospitality. These experiences cross business-to-business and business-to-consumer globally.


    Michael L. Atkinson is a frequent speaker on topics related to restaurant automation, data and analytics, leaderships, entrepreneurship, food-maker robotics and the emergence and use of voice technology and conversational commerce.

  • Restaurant Technology Pledge Fund

    On-demand Investing

    The Restaurant Technology Pledge Fund

    We are creating a food and restaurant technology pledge fund, to invest in promising startups offering solutions to the global foodservice and hospitality industries. This is an invitation-only Restaurant Technology Investment Club sponsored and administrated by Bailiwick Ventures, Inc.


    A pledge fund, in finance, is a private equity investment platform where unlike a traditional committed private equity fund, investors provide capital on a deal-by-deal basis. RTF intends to secure a minimum of $20 million in total investor pledges from qualified investors and RTF Investment Club Members.


    The minimum investment commitment by each club member is $500,000 per investor over five years. Each investor will be offered the opportunity to invest in Bailiwick Ventures' sponsored investment opportunities on a first-come-first-served basis. Each investment will act as a special purpose investment limited liability company not to be integrated in a diversified portfolio of investments lime a typical venture fund. Each investment is intended to be stand-alone investment. An investor can diversify their risk by investing in multiple opportunities sponsored by Bailiwick Ventures.


    We envision making 3-5 investments per year. Each investment will include option for an additional investment in a future round. Therefore, we project about $3 million a year invested with future optional commitments.


    The preferred investor (Pledgee) is a foodservice industry professional. We believe it is important that investors have relevant domain expertise to fully appreciate the value and measure product and market risk. It is also important to mention that our value-add is to assist in product trials and feedback, giving the RTF an edge on competing for quality deals and to further mitigate investor risk by being a potential user of these technologies. All investors must be accredited under Rule 501 qualified investor.


    The RTF will charge each Pledgee $5,000 per year administrative, deal sourcing and due diligence services fee. This fee is paid by each Pledgee each month for the term of the Fund, 5 years. In addition, Bailiwick Ventures will earn 20% of the profits of any consideration remaining after 100% of invested capital and administrative fees have been returned to each investor. We envision a maximum of 40 pledgees.   


    While the foodservice industry is indeed being transformed by technology, what does the restaurant operator have to say about all of this? There are hundreds and hundreds of tech innovators targeting restaurants with their apps and cloud-based solutions to solve problems that may or may not exist. The Fund combines over 30 years of restaurant and foodservice industry expertise with over a decade of social web and Internet technology expertise. Additionally, the Fund has access to a world class advisory board that includes tech entrepreneurs, investors, high profile restaurant operators, C-level executives, seasoned tech entrepreneurs, venture investors, celebrity restaurateurs and chefs. It’s the rare combination of food| restaurant + tech + start up investing and operators expertise that uniquely defines The Restaurant Technology Fund.


    We intend to seek qualified seed stage growth capital (Seed + Late Seed and Series A) investment opportunities that range between $250,000 and $750,000 as lead investor or as co-investor with individual investors and early stage venture funds.

  • Portfolio

    We invent, create, develop and invest

    The Restaurant News Site

    FohBoh means Front of House, Back of House so we cover a lot of ground. But, we also see that technology is transforming the restaurant industry and this touches all FOH+BOH systems and persons and that's our bailiwick. So, our daily news and information agency inFOH, delivers a daily newsletter all about restaurant technology to tens of thousands of industry professionals in 130 countries.

    Conversational Commerce

    Orderscape is determined to own the restaurant AI category for restaurant conversational commerce, VoiceKPI's, guest engagement and automating legacy processes for FOH + BOH operations.

    Fried Chicken Sandwiches by Food-maker Robots

    Reinventing QSR with a autonomous restaurant-in-a-box robot concept for on-demand food. Rooster's doesn't need a restaurant facility; just 100 sq. ft. and electricity for its self-contained robot to make and deliver fresh, hot gourmet fried chicken sandwiches on demand. This will change how consumers order food and enjoy chicken. Look for updates and an early peek in 2019.

    Kokomo Brands

    Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love's Kokomo lifestyle brand

    Kokomo conveys a lifestyle and spirit conveyed by the hit song by The Beach Boys' lead singer, Mike Love. Kokomo Brands, LLC will bring the spirit of Kokomo to life with restaurants, food, beverage and a line of surf apparel beginning in 2019.

    Truthful ingredients. Healthy skin.

    TuLips Concoctions is a startup skincare brand featuring natural, honest ingredients producing creams, lotions, moisturizers, lip balms and bath products.

  • About Us

    Experience and Perspective


    Our leadership team has broad reach to industry affiliates, business colleagues, restaurant leadership, and influencers, affiliates, dealers and media relationships. We bring decades of relevant experience to our investing partners and portfolio companies. We bring operations, culinary, development and corporate finance expertise. We have held BOH and FOH unit-level and C-level positions at regional and national chains. We are food and restaurant tech entrepreneurs and social media pioneers.


    We are practitioners and thought-leaders and with an operators' perspective. We are passionate about the restaurant industry and excited about how enabling technologies are transforming our industry every day. Technology helps create operational efficiencies leading to profitability and that make operators more competitive and relevant.


    We have unique access to opportunities because we have been actively engaged as operators, digital media and Internet entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, financiers, food and restaurant technology sales and social media marketers for decades.


    We have transaction experience as investment banker and entrepreneur. We live and work at the intersection of restaurant and technology working with clients and partners around the globe.


    We are experienced entrepreneurs in food and beverage, restaurants, retail and Internet technology. We have an investment bankers' perspective, so we are deal makers with vision and access to key resources required to execute on our plans. We invest, create and operate.

    Food Technology Advisory

    Bailiwick Ventures is a part of Food Tech Strategics, a restaurant technology agency providing strategic services to restaurant and hotel brands worldwide.

  • Founder | CEO

    Practitioner and Entrepreneur


    Investor, Restaurateur and Technology Entrepreneur

    Serial Investor, speaker and restaurant technology multi-hyphenate living in San Jose, California. LinkedIn | Biography | Speaking

    Team and Advisors

    Restaurant and technology industry executives & investors

    Many of our partners sit on boards as advisors or directors. These accomplished restaurant and technology industry veterans are executives, investors, advisors, developers, entrepreneurs and key influencers that help us evaluate investment and business opportunities, provide insight and accelerate our success.


    Together, this small cohort of talented industry professionals and visionaries are providing leadership to aid the reinvention the restaurant business for a modern customer and complex landscape.


    Food Tech Strategics
    Restaurant technology strategic advisors. FTS consults with restaurant operations, marketing and technology teams on digital matters affecting sales, costs and guest engagement.

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